Wearing a good is a good way to make a fashion statement.As much as different occasions require wearing a suit, there is a disparity in the type of suit design that would appropriate for each occasion. For instance, a suit for a wedding should be somewhat different from that worn during a job interview. That said, here are some events that require a fitting suit.

During a job interview

When going for a job interview, you need to create a lasting impression to your potential bosses. TaSdASDszdche best way to make your presence felt is by having a nice suit and a tie. Though some employers might not be so concerned about your dress code, wearing a suit can be a good way of playing safe. To be specific, a navy suit can be most appropriate, as it is associated with professionalism, maturity, and dedication.

When meeting your employers to discuss a promotion

If you are a banker, you might be forced to have a suit on every working day. However, a salesman might not be overly concerned about wearing a suit. Having a suit can place you at an advantage when you bosses require you to discuss an issue like a promotion or a pay rise. A suit shows you are interested, which improves your bargaining power further. You can add a dark green tie as it connotes growth and money.


Unless you are guided to dress otherwise, it advisable to attend a wedding in a suit. Only low-key weddings are themed by casual outfits. However, if you are attending a traditional marriage ceremony, go in a suit and preferably a three piece suit.


Wearing a fitting suit is a good way to give your loved their last respect. In most instances, a black and beautiful suit can be appropriate for a wedding. However, this also depends on the family as some families might request brighter shades as their way of honoring the deceased.

When presenting a speech

Another occasion to wear a suit is in an event you are expected to share something as an important guest. Having a suit helps you build some rapport and position yourself as an authority figure. If you align yourself with your objectives by dressing appropriately, your audience will automatically see you as someone with listening too.