Wedding ceremonies are joyous occasions. Aside from being the couple’s special day. It is also a day for the mother of the bride where she gets to celebrate her daughter getting married. It is a day where she will also get special moments. A basic rule for the wedding is that the mother of the bride should look beautiful. She needs to have the perfect dress as eyes will be on her at different moments of the day. What tips are there for selecting the perfect dress for the mother of the bride?

Selecting The Mother Of The Bride Dress


Consult with the couple on the theme colors. Find out from the bride wlkkddkckckckckchat color she would want to be worn. Knowing the theme color will help in coordinating the dress with the color scheme of the couple. Also, it will assist in coordinating the right shade to match your skin tone.

Style And Design

Consider the style preference. Personal style varies from conservative or traditional to trendy or edgy dresses. There are a variety of design options that will match to the style of the mother of the bride. Get a design that will be comfortable, and one will be happy wearing it. Also, consider the length of the dress. Most dresses are ankle length or knee length. Likewise, find out from the bride if she has any ideas that can guide as you choose the dress.

Peruse through bridal magazines and websites like mother of the bride dresses UK and look for what you would like and be comfortable wearing. Remember to consider the time of the wedding and the season as this will help in determining the design of the gown.

Where To Shop

jxjxjxjxjThink through where to buy the dress. Would you prefer to have the dress designed and have a seamstress stitch it? Or would you rather buy from a bridal boutique shop? Both are great options. For the former, you have the benefit of having a one of a kind mother of the bride dress uniquely designed for you. For the latter, you have the benefit of trying out a variety of gowns and seeing how they look before you buy one.

As you plan on purchasing the dress, think through the accessories that you will wear from jewelry to bags to shoes or a hat. They all need to blend well with the gown. Also, work together with the mother of the groom to be coordinated each other dresses. Finally, have a set budget of what you plan to spend, put margins of how much you would be willing to go above. Bottom line as the bride’s mother one needs to look glamorous.