With the rise in beauty products currently in the market, it can be time-consuming and difficult to choose the best facial scrub. Before you go picking a facial scrub from the beauty store or supermarket, it’s best to know your skin type. Different skin types react differently to beauty products. The following are different types and tips on how to choose facial scrubs to suit each one of them.

Types of skins to consider

Dry skin

This skitf2wedtcg2wed72ue82i2n type usually feels flaky, rough or tight. Due to lack of moisture, people with this skin type also tend to have a dull complexion which is why they are limited to exfoliating once or twice a month to avoid over drying the skin. Face scrubs that have a creamy texture, fine particles and that contain moisturizing oils will suit this skin type best. Honey is an ingredient that has positive effects on dry skin which is why you should look for facial scrubs that have it listed. You should moisturize immediately after exfoliating.

Oily skin

People with this skin type tend to have large pores are more prone to breakouts. You should resist the urge to over- exfoliate if you have this skin type as may cause the skin to produce even more oil. It is also advisable to stay away from rough physical scrubs which will likely cause even more breakouts. You should instead use chemical face scrubs with hydroxy acids such as glycolic or salicylic. Face scrubs with fruit or flower extracts will also work well with this skin type.

Normal skin

This skin type barely has imperfections or visible pores. However, you should not overlook the need to exfoliate because you still have to get rid of excessive dead skin cell and dirt build up. If you have this skin type, you might want to try a face scrub that is not too harsh so that it won’t interfere with the balance of your skin.

Sensitive skin

People with this skin type tend to experience itchiness, dtg2werdd2w35et263ey62y272uryness or burning. This skin type is a bit similar to dry skin as over-exfoliating may do more harm than good to it. Facial scrubs that have oats listed as one of the ingredients are the ones that you should go for if you have this type of skin. Since this skin type tends to be a bit less forgiving when it comes to trying new products, you should try the face scrub on the part of your body and see how it reacts to it after 12 hours.