Epilation is a very popular method of hair removal. However, there is confusion about the name epilators. Epilators always used to mean epilators however nowadays epilators refers to hair removal machines that are very accessible in stores and online. These are now all classified under the common name epilator.

It is very important for the consumer to understand the difference between epilation as a short term hair removal solution. Epilation nowadays is referred to as the method that removes hair non-permanently in unwanted areas of the body.

These machines are small electrical appliances which have heads made of interlocking coiled wire which as it whizzes around grasps the hair and rips it from the follicle.

This is only a temporary method of hair removal and the hair quickly grows again so whilst it does offer a solution to unwanted hair it also has some downsides as this method is not a permanent hair removal process, and therefore the consumer has to do it repetitively in the space of a month without diminishing the number of hairs.

222kjhThe hair would be constantly growing back once removed after a short period. Other downsides of using this type of ‘epilator’ is that red bumps and ingrowing hairs may appear, the hair is often broken off and therefore not removed from the root, and there is an argument that by forcibly ripping the hair from the follicle actually stimulates hair growth.

The hair removal machine, which can deliver this is called an epilator and is used for treating all skin and hair types without leaving any permanent marks or having any adverse effects on the skin when performed by a qualified and skilled practitioner.

This is because permanent hair removal is performed using radio frequency and sometimes a direct current delivered directly to the root of the hair using a small thin needle which is inserted into the hair follicle and cuts off the supply of nourishment to the hair, therefore eradicating it permanently.

The epilators are markedly different from the temporary home use nonpermanent hair removal ‘epilators.’ Thermolysis (also known as Diathermy), Galvanic and Blend (which combines the Thermolysis and Galvanic).

333iuyPractitioners use the SX-B blend epilator for a variety of treatments and procedures from permanent hair removal to advanced cosmetic procedures, which target 20+skin conditions.
To be able to use permanent hair removal epilators, official training and qualification is required. Check out the Cute Hair Day epilator reviews.