Sex Up Your Wardrobe with These Lingerie Collections

Your sex life can be improved merely by updating your lingerie collection. Remember when the last time you buy a bralette or a pair of thigh-high stockings was. Bringing up sophisticated and captivating outfits to your collections is never a bad idea. Not only you are doing a favor for your partner, but making yourself feel sexually appealing boosts your confidence and brings good vibes to your life.

Here are three must-have lingeries you need to add to your wardrobe.


braletteBralette’s fame is on the rise. Its design prioritizes woman’s comfort without omitting its potency to look elegantly kinky. With no padding, wire or line, a bralette lets the woman who wears it to express more of herself than what she is supposed to be in the eyes of her partner. Wearing it gives more freedom to the woman and allows her to unleash her wildest side.

Bralette effortlessly states your dominance. But the lace and the decorative straps might add a little plot twist to your bed story. They can give that flavor of ‘giving-in’ over a dominating passion. Captivating and well-designed models, such as the bralette singapore, open up the limitless possibility to what ends of naughty imagination is on the mind. Whether the straps are to embrace your ‘femme fatale’ or submissive persona is entirely up to you.

Garter slip

garter slipNo female undergarments can accentuate womanly assets as sensually as a garter slip. It radiates both sensuality and elegance of the wearer.

Four straps are enough for a lingerie garter slip that you will probably wear only for minutes on the bed. But comfort still should matter. Among lace, satin, cotton, faux fur, and leather; satin and cotton are the most comfortable materials to wear, but usually are not as attractive as the others.

When choosing a garter slip, fitting size is vital. The wrong size can ruin the whole sexy moment you have been planning to have. It will not look aesthetically appealing and will ruin your confidence on the bed. Surely it will bring disappointment.

Thigh-high stockings

thigh-highThigh-high stockings might require garters to wear, and can be worn with an exposed lace babydoll model or black bandage garter slip. The stockings add more mysterious character to the babydoll and the garter slip. But you must examine the adjustability of the garter before you try combining the stockings with the lingerie. A garter that is difficult to adjust will undoubtedly bring discomfort.

Thigh-high stockings are also sexy on their own. Comfort gripper, lace, and hosiery accentuate the leg’s beauty and sensual appearance. Try to wear stockings like the Gatsby Hold Up model. It successfully combines beauty with sultry in the design.