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Tips For Buying The Best Face Scrub

With the rise in beauty products currently in the market, it can be time-consuming and difficult to choose the best facial scrub. Before you go picking a facial scrub from the beauty store or supermarket, it’s best to know your skin type. Different skin types react differently to beauty products. The following are different types and tips on how to choose facial scrubs to suit each one of them.

Types of skins to consider

Dry skin

This skitf2wedtcg2wed72ue82i2n type usually feels flaky, rough or tight. Due to lack of moisture, people with this skin type also tend to have a dull complexion which is why they are limited to exfoliating once or twice a month to avoid over drying the skin. Face scrubs that have a creamy texture, fine particles and that contain moisturizing oils will suit this skin type best. Honey is an ingredient that has positive effects on dry skin which is why you should look for facial scrubs that have it listed. You should moisturize immediately after exfoliating.

Oily skin

People with this skin type tend to have large pores are more prone to breakouts. You should resist the urge to over- exfoliate if you have this skin type as may cause the skin to produce even more oil. It is also advisable to stay away from rough physical scrubs which will likely cause even more breakouts. You should instead use chemical face scrubs with hydroxy acids such as glycolic or salicylic. Face scrubs with fruit or flower extracts will also work well with this skin type.

Normal skin

This skin type barely has imperfections or visible pores. However, you should not overlook the need to exfoliate because you still have to get rid of excessive dead skin cell and dirt build up. If you have this skin type, you might want to try a face scrub that is not too harsh so that it won’t interfere with the balance of your skin.

Sensitive skin

People with this skin type tend to experience itchiness, dtg2werdd2w35et263ey62y272uryness or burning. This skin type is a bit similar to dry skin as over-exfoliating may do more harm than good to it. Facial scrubs that have oats listed as one of the ingredients are the ones that you should go for if you have this type of skin. Since this skin type tends to be a bit less forgiving when it comes to trying new products, you should try the face scrub on the part of your body and see how it reacts to it after 12 hours.


Top Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care products, both men and women are affected. It is no longer an issue of ladies. Therefore, everyone needs to be careful about the products they choose to use to avoid skin complications that can develop. It is advisable to buy products that have used as natural ingredients as much as possible. For more details of such products, visit the NossaNatura website where there is a great variety at fair prices. Below tips are also helpful when it comes to selecting such products.

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Care Product

Buy from reputable shops

Whether the choice is to buy from asfsdfsdfdfsdsfdphysical town shops like malls or the web shops, choose only those that are reputable. Such shops do stock genuine products with clear descriptions and fair prices. It is worth to remember that nothing original comes cheaply and therefore appreciate the price tag. The value is greater than one can imagine.

The habit of reading labels

Is your skin allergic to something? Skin allergy reactions can leave irritating results. However getting into the habit of reading product labels can save such unfortunate occurrences. Most skin care products indicate clearly all the ingredients that make it. For a healthier skin, it is recommended to pick creams and lotions with vitamins supplements. A keen shopper will not forget to confirm if the pH is balanced.

Understand your skin type

Oily and dry skins have different products. Manufacturers try and cater for each of the two skin types using the best ingredients possible. Almost all cosmetic and skin care products will indicate one of these two categories. Products for dry skins will tend to have moisturizing quality and glycerin to ensure that the skin stays moist. On the other hand, their counterparts will tend to be opposite. Sensitive skins will also have their range of products.

Natural ingredients

dgdfgdfgfdgdfgMost cosmetic products made from natural ingredients have approval from various relevant bodies as safe for human use. They are the best, as they bear little side effects if any.

People who have used such products for a long time have healthier skins. However, the price might be a bit too high but worth at the end of the day.


Care while shopping for such products is of ultimate importance and more so when switching to new products. Do not be hasty pick and try. The skin is not a test sample, and any mistake can have adverse results.


FAQs When Buying Body Creams and Gels

The power of any skin body creams and gels is dependent on the type of skin you have. Certainly, you have heard of the basic types: normal, dry, oily and sensitive. However, combination skin types also exist, as well as skin conditions for which specific skin products are designed.

Some FAQs when buying body creams and gels

What is your skin type?

It should start by determining all possible factors that can mask or affect your skin’s true type, such as environmental factors (climate and prolonged sun exposure), and lifestyle habits like smoking and bathing regimen. Then, wash your face with a gentle but potent soap or facial wash, and see how your skin reacts after two hours.


What is your right body cream?

Product usage depends on your skin type. Thicker, emollient-rich solutions such as body lotion and creams are best suited for dry skin, particularly during cold and dry months. Oily skin could best benefit from lighter gels and liquids, while normal and combination types require thin serums and lotions that can hydrate dry areas without overloading oily portions with an excessive emollient.

Is the cream natural or inorganic?

All-natural and organic products are excellent options as they don’t contain harsh synthetic ingredients that result in skin damage and allergies. Avoid products that contain dyes, parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. Those that contain organic fragrance like rose and lavender and moisturizers like aloe vera and avocado oil can safely moisturize your skin. Utilizing rejuvenating body lotions and creams are a wonderful way of keeping your skin revitalized and protected against contaminants and UV rays

What are your pre-existing Skin Conditions?

If you have stretch marks, natural compounds like shea butter and cocoa can help hydrate the skin and improve tone. For hypersensitive types, choose body creams that contain gentle moisturizers like aloe vera and chamomile. These contain anti-inflammatory and calming properties that help soothe redness and irritation. It is only thus wise to carefully select the right one suited to your skin’s individual requirements


Did the Product come with Sample Kit?

One of the most common mistakes many skin product users make is buying in bulk without testing the product first. Hypersensitivity reactions are common especially in body lotion and creams that are made with fillers and artificial components. If a company doesn’t offer samples, at least choose one that provides a refund in case their products do not match your skin.