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Advantages of tailor made suits

Wearing a suit will enhance your physical look when it is well fitting and when the quality of the suit is good. Suits that are buggy can be annoying and will make you look unkempt. Suits that are well tailored and of high quality can give an impression of somebody having a perfect personality and organization of the individual who wears the suit. This why the tailored suits are most recommended because of the various benefits that one can get when wearing them. The tailored suits are customized to suit your needs and desire. Fashion Galleria is a Bkk’s custom suit tailor shop that can have your tailor-made suit made to your specifications. In this article, we explain the benefits of having you suit tailor made.

Good fitting

Having a tailor-made suit will enhance your look because the suit will fit you wellfgdhgdjsk since you get measured, and the actual measurements are used to make the suit. It is no doubt that a tailored suit will look extremely good that an off rack suit. The coats to most suits tend to be baggy when you buy the off rack suits but with the tailored suits the coat gets to fit well, and you will not have to worry about sagging clothes. The length of the trousers or skirt will be taken into consideration according to your preference.

Unique fashion

khfssfgMost stores sell the off rack suits that are very similar. It is annoying you visit a place and get someone who has a suit that is very identical to the one you are in. To avoid such scenarios, it is advisable that you get your suit tailored. The tailor will make a suit that fits your preference, and you will avoid having suits that are identical with other people. The customization can be on the number of buttons, the vents, and even cuffs.

Better quality of material

If you are an everyday wearer of suits, then you can be able to tell when a suit starts to get old. Some of the features that will make you know a suit is wearing off if has frayed stitches, faded colors and worn out elbows and knees. With this kind of suit then you will be cheapening yourself and lower your self-esteem. With having a tailor-made suit, you will be able to select the best quality of fabrics that do not wear out quickly. This will even help you save a lot because you will not be buying suits more frequently.


Tips For Finding The Best Motorcycle Outfits

When you are going on a ride, it is essential to be safe. Part of being safe is your skill on the motorcycle, but one of the most overlooked aspects of safety is your clothing. All too often riders get on their bikes without wearing so much as a helmet. Since safety is often disregarded here are some tips to help you with your riding wardrobe. It is best to try your gear on in person when purchasing so have a feel and be sure to buy the correct fitting.

Best Motorcycle Outfits

Wear Boots

When riding on the motorbike one often travels at speeds that can be extremely harmful to the feet should one need to stop quickly. Having boots that kjjkvkjkjjvjvjvcare at least ankle high and made from sturdy leather with a thick sole will save your feet and ankles considerable damage. Sneakers can fly off in an accident or when feet have been put down in a panic. Such an action can cause some injuries that can be subdued when one has good quality boots on.

Wear Long Pants

Ideally, one should wear leather chaps when out riding. Nowadays these are made with breathable material or are sewn with vents, so a person does not overheat. Plus, they are made with style in mind. Kevlar jeans look just like regular blue jeans, but they are reinforced in critical areas and are flame resistant.

Wear A Leather Jacket

When out on the bike it is tempting just to feel the wind on your chest and wear a T-shirt. This is not a scenario you would want to be in. It is advisable to wear a well-fitting leather jacket. Leather jackets are iconic, and one can never go wrong when wearing for they are always stylish. Pick one that fits snugly but is not terribly tight, so your skin does not get exposed in the event of an accident.

Wear A Helmet

kjjcjcjvjvj vjThe helmet one of the most important piece of gear you can have. Some people may think it is unfashionable, but it is critical to protecting your head and face. Helmets come in all kinds of styles, and your local shop can help you find the perfect fit.

By following these tips, one is sure to put together an outfit that both looks great and fits well to protect you in the case of an accident. It is often best not to purchase outfits as a complete suit but rather as individual pieces of a collection. Ensure to get a proper fit and something that fits your style.

Best consideration when buying men’s suit online

Men understand that there will come a time when they need to have that perfect look for an occasion. A suit not only complements your style but will always make you stand out. There is a lot of concern when it comes to buying a suit online. All you need to know is the right measurement and understand your body type. Here are a few guidelines to help you out the next time you are looking for 3 piece suit online.


Explore the modern cut


The best thing about online shopping is that you have a wider selection option. Such an option comes in different style and design. Modern cuts on suits such as European and Italian are an excellent choice if you want to look super cool. On the downside, they do lack a vent on the back. This is restrictive for those who are not into fitted styles. If this isn’t your choice, you’d better try out suits with central or side vents that give room for more movement.

Always know your measurements

Before settling for any suit, you should be able to know your measurement. One way is to visit a department store and try out a few jackets that you think are the best fit. Alternatively, head up to a local tailor, partner or friend and let them measure your chest, hands and back length. It’s also advisable to stick to more solid colors compared to intricate patterns. This is because it’s much harder to evaluate a suit stripe close on a computer screen.

Be conversant with the return policy

Return policy might at sometimes be as high as 40 percent on different merchandise. This can be very disappointing if you are looking to buy just a single suit. However, you stand a better chance of success if you order more than one piece. Also, you need to know how much each store charges you for a return policy. Some will have a 14-day return policy which is not sufficient enough for most clients. That said, it’s important to go through the return policy before making any purchases.

You shouldn’t be worried of the unknown brand

Those designs you think are unknown are sometimes made from the same factories and with the same level of quality of materials. The design can be slightly different, but you will still get the same craft and fabric quality

Carefully examine the suit


When a suit you ordered arrives, you should first look at the material. Carefully examine the stitching on the armholes and lapel and see whether it’s glued together. If you find that some sections of the coat aren’t fixed properly, the coat won’t give you the right service.


Tips For Selecting A Mother Of Bride Dress

Wedding ceremonies are joyous occasions. Aside from being the couple’s special day. It is also a day for the mother of the bride where she gets to celebrate her daughter getting married. It is a day where she will also get special moments. A basic rule for the wedding is that the mother of the bride should look beautiful. She needs to have the perfect dress as eyes will be on her at different moments of the day. What tips are there for selecting the perfect dress for the mother of the bride?

Selecting The Mother Of The Bride Dress


Consult with the couple on the theme colors. Find out from the bride wlkkddkckckckckchat color she would want to be worn. Knowing the theme color will help in coordinating the dress with the color scheme of the couple. Also, it will assist in coordinating the right shade to match your skin tone.

Style And Design

Consider the style preference. Personal style varies from conservative or traditional to trendy or edgy dresses. There are a variety of design options that will match to the style of the mother of the bride. Get a design that will be comfortable, and one will be happy wearing it. Also, consider the length of the dress. Most dresses are ankle length or knee length. Likewise, find out from the bride if she has any ideas that can guide as you choose the dress.

Peruse through bridal magazines and websites like mother of the bride dresses UK and look for what you would like and be comfortable wearing. Remember to consider the time of the wedding and the season as this will help in determining the design of the gown.

Where To Shop

jxjxjxjxjThink through where to buy the dress. Would you prefer to have the dress designed and have a seamstress stitch it? Or would you rather buy from a bridal boutique shop? Both are great options. For the former, you have the benefit of having a one of a kind mother of the bride dress uniquely designed for you. For the latter, you have the benefit of trying out a variety of gowns and seeing how they look before you buy one.

As you plan on purchasing the dress, think through the accessories that you will wear from jewelry to bags to shoes or a hat. They all need to blend well with the gown. Also, work together with the mother of the groom to be coordinated each other dresses. Finally, have a set budget of what you plan to spend, put margins of how much you would be willing to go above. Bottom line as the bride’s mother one needs to look glamorous.


Tips To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Bag

Bags come in a vast variety, and before picking the most suitable one for your wants, you must think about the choices. You will like to take a brand you can trust its quality apart from getting a bag that will serve all your requirements. You will end up with the perfect bag if you take your time to check all factors that matter.


Bags come in various sizes to match varying needs. If for instance, you are tedfetfepurchasing a school bag for your kid, you should choose a size that is big and cumbersome if they are young. The size of the bag should be in line with things that are projected to be carried in it. For example, if you are looking for a swimming bag, think about the stuff you will have to take every time you go swimming and then choose a size that is just perfect. But if you are looking for a traveling bag, you should take a sizable one that will fit all items you want for the trip.


What is the bag meant for? Is it a travel bag or are you looking for a school bag? A bag can also be created for sports, or it could be just a handbag. Think of the kind of bag you are looking for, so you can match the use with every other feature that makes the bag. Knowing the function can help you select the best quality and the size of the bag.

Carrying Options

A bag should be made in a way that it is easy to take. A large sized bag should have features such as durable straps or even wheels, so you have an easy time moving it or pulling it along when it’s full. If you select a backpack, then guarantee that every feature is designed so as to provide you with the most comfortable back fit. There should always be an excellent carrying option for you depending on how heavy it is and the contents. Check them out so you do not buy a bag that you can simply carry with the assistance of another person when it is full.


gdvgvgYou should also consider other aspects like waterproofing abilities apart from durability. You should not have any worries when carrying your bag in rainy situations, and this means choosing a material that stores your valuables dry and in an excellent condition for that matter. The material utilized on the bag can determine its quality and weight. It is always good to select a bag that can attend your needs for a long time.