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Tips For Buying A Cape

In the past decade, capes have enjoyed a massive resurgence in popularity. This can be attributed to the elegance and romance that is exhibited by those who wear this type of garment. This is one type of clothing, that offers all the practical benefits that come with wearing a coat but it offers a little bit more style and convenience. And because you are assured that it has withstood the test of time and it won’t go out of fashion any time soon, you know you have quite some time, considerably a decade or more to reap the benefits of purchasing an adults cape;



Capes are very dynamic and they can properly match with both classic and modern dressing styles. They compliment both a dressy and casual attire. If you are in a cape, be sure to turn heads wherever you go. Be assured that you will never be disappointed in investing in the purchase of a cape.

But the challenge comes to those who have not purchased a cape before. How can you be sure that you are purchasing the right cape and at the right price? Here are the tips that you should follow to ensure that you only purchase the best cape.

Know your brands

As with anything that you purchase, whenever you want to buy a cape there are those names that will be mentioned again and again. They have made a name by constantly manufacturing the best capes. Select a brand that provides all the properties that you have been looking for in a cape. This is not to say that you should ignore independent sellers. But be sure to know those that are setting the trend and the determinants of the price to avoid being overcharged.

Look for origin information

For a cape that is made from fur or any other unique material, remember to enquire where the material came from. A good retailer will provide the country of origin and at times can give you the year of manufacture. You are advised to look for information tags that give the origin for instance, “mink from Canada”. If the information is not available, you can contact the manufacturers directly.

Prioritise weatherproofing

There is more that comes during the winter, other than just the chill that is in the air. You will be using your cape in times of snow, rain and sleet. Therefore you should put into consideration how the type of material that makes up your cape will be affected. While the outer material cannot be waterproof, for example, if it is fur, make sure that the inside lining of the cape is waterproof.

Think about your personal style

Consider how you will be wearing your cape. If you will be wearing it around your shoulders, make sure that the material used to make it does not trigger any allergies. But if you will want it to dangle from your arm like those famous movie stars. It is advisable that you pick something short that won’t touch the floor.

Have a budget


Lastly, don’t go out shopping for a cape without having a budget. There is no need of falling in love with an attractive cape, then only to realize that you can not afford it. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when shopping for a cape.


Various Occasions To Wear A Kebaya Dress

The highly rated kebaya dress is common traditional clothing in Southeast Asian such as Indonesia and Malaysia. This dress combines an embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong. A long stretch of cloth called a selendang might be draped over the shoulder to complete the looks of a kebaya modern fashioned dress. Here are the top occasions to wear a kebaya dress.

Occasions to wear a kebaya dress

Wedding Events

Women going to wedding occasions are in dfgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgIndonesia, and some Southeast Asian
countries are required to dress in colorful kebaya dresses as part of the rich culture and tradition in the region.

It is very rare to find a wedding event in Indonesia that is not dominated with women wearing kebaya dresses. In some instances where traditions are strictly followed, the bride is required to wear a kebaya dress to make the event more cultural and local.

Religious Festivals

Religious festivals such as Ramadan for Muslims and Nirvana for Buddhists are always donned with women in colorful kebaya outfits. When the festival restricts women to show hair, a long stretch of cloth known as selendang is usually worn with a kebaya dress to be used as a head shawl. Women use the piece of cloth to hide their hair during religious festivals such as Ramadan. The head scarf should match with the kebaya to look decent for a religious festival.

Traditional Ceremonies

Southeast Asian countries are rich in traditional festivals such as the Galungan where women don the kebaya dress for most of the day when celebrating the events. It is very common to meet thousands of women all wearing kebaya dresses of the same color walking down a busy Indonesian street to celebrate the traditional Galungan ceremony.

Graduations and other Modern Formal Ceremonies

dfgdfgdfgdfgfdgThe kebaya dress is quickly becoming an established dressing code for female graduates looking for decent attire that is not too casual. Graduation ceremonies across major universities in Southeast Asia are usually flocked with women dressed in bright kebaya attires.

Other formal occasions such as diplomatic ceremonies also provide an opportunity to dress in your favorite kebaya dress.


Lastly, a kebaya dress can be worn even when there is no significant festival or occasion to attend. When you walk down a busy street in the Indonesian cities of Java or Bali, you will meet thousands of women clad in beautiful kebaya dresses like an ordinary dressing outfit. You can, however, pick a customized kebaya dress if you have a special traditional, religious or formal ceremony that you need to attend.