All girls try all they can to make their skin flawless. Others try funny methods in private and in public to see if their skin texture can improve. Having a smooth skin is not something easy to achieve. You need proper knowledge of the right application products, when and how to apply. The face is the most crucial body part that you should not experiment using unknown facial products. You should go for quality products for the face manufactured by trusted brands. Face foundation is a common facial application product that you will rarely find any woman without. It comes in different forms which are powder and liquid. They both work to achieve the same purpose of getting rid of spots, blemishes, scars, and redness from the face. A common trusted brand that offers best liquid foundation is Lancome, a renowned firm in Paris.

Foundation is applied using a well laid-down formula. One should also shop for alancome foundation foundation color that conforms to her pigment, and to confirm this, you should do it in natural light or a well-lit room. It’s usually very devastating finding that you selected a wrong color once you reach home after shopping. In this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step guide on how to apply liquid foundation to make your skin look flawless.

Prep your face

Make sure your face is clean by washing and drying it using a clean towel or gently wipe it using a soaked and clean cloth that highly absorbs water like a towel or a heavy cotton cloth to make sure that the face is dirt free. Depending on your skin, apply a light primer if you have a dry skin or a drying serum if your skin is oily.

Apply the foundation

Soak very little liquid foundation on a sponge or pour very little on your hand and using your finger or the sponge, dab small amounts on your face, cheeks, nose, and chin. This will ensure an even distribution all over your face when spreading the foundation to the remaining parts of the face. Don’t apply a lot because it will twist your outlook and you’ll start looking funny.


liquid foundationAfter the foundation is evenly distributed all over the face, apply some little finishing using powder slightly puffing and patting minimal amounts more also on the under-eyes or any visible blemishes to cover them up. You can add some mascara or a light gloss to set a complete make-up.