Men understand that there will come a time when they need to have that perfect look for an occasion. A suit not only complements your style but will always make you stand out. There is a lot of concern when it comes to buying a suit online. All you need to know is the right measurement and understand your body type. Here are a few guidelines to help you out the next time you are looking for 3 piece suit online.


Explore the modern cut


The best thing about online shopping is that you have a wider selection option. Such an option comes in different style and design. Modern cuts on suits such as European and Italian are an excellent choice if you want to look super cool. On the downside, they do lack a vent on the back. This is restrictive for those who are not into fitted styles. If this isn’t your choice, you’d better try out suits with central or side vents that give room for more movement.

Always know your measurements

Before settling for any suit, you should be able to know your measurement. One way is to visit a department store and try out a few jackets that you think are the best fit. Alternatively, head up to a local tailor, partner or friend and let them measure your chest, hands and back length. It’s also advisable to stick to more solid colors compared to intricate patterns. This is because it’s much harder to evaluate a suit stripe close on a computer screen.

Be conversant with the return policy

Return policy might at sometimes be as high as 40 percent on different merchandise. This can be very disappointing if you are looking to buy just a single suit. However, you stand a better chance of success if you order more than one piece. Also, you need to know how much each store charges you for a return policy. Some will have a 14-day return policy which is not sufficient enough for most clients. That said, it’s important to go through the return policy before making any purchases.

You shouldn’t be worried of the unknown brand

Those designs you think are unknown are sometimes made from the same factories and with the same level of quality of materials. The design can be slightly different, but you will still get the same craft and fabric quality

Carefully examine the suit


When a suit you ordered arrives, you should first look at the material. Carefully examine the stitching on the armholes and lapel and see whether it’s glued together. If you find that some sections of the coat aren’t fixed properly, the coat won’t give you the right service.