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Best Way of Applying Liquid Foundation

All girls try all they can to make their skin flawless. Others try funny methods in private and in public to see if their skin texture can improve. Having a smooth skin is not something easy to achieve. You need proper knowledge of the right application products, when and how to apply. The face is the most crucial body part that you should not experiment using unknown facial products. You should go for quality products for the face manufactured by trusted brands. Face foundation is a common facial application product that you will rarely find any woman without. It comes in different forms which are powder and liquid. They both work to achieve the same purpose of getting rid of spots, blemishes, scars, and redness from the face. A common trusted brand that offers best liquid foundation is Lancome, a renowned firm in Paris.

Foundation is applied using a well laid-down formula. One should also shop for alancome foundation foundation color that conforms to her pigment, and to confirm this, you should do it in natural light or a well-lit room. It’s usually very devastating finding that you selected a wrong color once you reach home after shopping. In this article, I’ll show you the step-by-step guide on how to apply liquid foundation to make your skin look flawless.

Prep your face

Make sure your face is clean by washing and drying it using a clean towel or gently wipe it using a soaked and clean cloth that highly absorbs water like a towel or a heavy cotton cloth to make sure that the face is dirt free. Depending on your skin, apply a light primer if you have a dry skin or a drying serum if your skin is oily.

Apply the foundation

Soak very little liquid foundation on a sponge or pour very little on your hand and using your finger or the sponge, dab small amounts on your face, cheeks, nose, and chin. This will ensure an even distribution all over your face when spreading the foundation to the remaining parts of the face. Don’t apply a lot because it will twist your outlook and you’ll start looking funny.


liquid foundationAfter the foundation is evenly distributed all over the face, apply some little finishing using powder slightly puffing and patting minimal amounts more also on the under-eyes or any visible blemishes to cover them up. You can add some mascara or a light gloss to set a complete make-up.

Reasons For Buying A Ring To A Loved One

In most cases, rings are bought during weddings or during the engagement time. During this time our loved ones feel appreciated and recognized when we buy them a ring. Buying a ring for the person you truly love indicates a lot of impacts.The following are the various reasons as to why we should buy our loved ones or partners rings to put on.

For The Expression Of Feelings

You as a person might find it difficult to express your expressions and feelings towards your partner, but when you buy him or her a ring, this shows your expressions of love and care towards her. The ring acts as a symbol of affection towards your partner, and this will make the relationship grow stronger and stronger than before.

To Show Assurance Of Love

When you love a person from deep inside you, it may be difficult to express that assurance of love towards him or her. But through the ring, your partner tends to get convinced that there is true love in you. Buy and give your partner a ring to show how much you love them. There is a great impact that a ring has regarding showing love. Buy an expensive ring to a very special person in your life. Check out verlovingsringen antwerpen for better and improved love.

Show Sense Of Commitment

The moment you decide to buy your loved one a ring, this automatically shows how committed you are to the person. This is because buying a ring is not an easy and cheap thing to do. Showing that you are committed to your partner does not only require oral communication, but also it requires an action which is taking a step of buying a ring beautifully designed for him or her.Buying the ring will show your partner how committed you are to take care of her in future both physically, socially and mentally.

For Remembrance

The moment you and your partner agrees to live together and share life challenges together, then now you become life partners. Buy a ring for your partner which will act as a reminder to him or her about the commitments and agreements you both made when you decided to live together. Wherever you will look at this ring, you will be reminded of the promises you made and agreed upon. The vows you made towards each other will be reflected in this ring.

To Show change In The Lifestyle

The lifestyle that you used to lead while you were alone will automatically change the moment you decide never to live alone but with someone else whom you love. To show that you have changed from being single to a married person, it is of greater importance to buy a ring that will be put on your finger to show you that you are now a different person with the different lifestyle that fits both you and your partner. This ring will be a sign of a married person with responsibilities to look upon and not a single person. When your partner has decided to help you make decisions of life together, then this shows how much love is in both of you.


When Should You Wear A Suit?

Wearing a good is a good way to make a fashion statement.As much as different occasions require wearing a suit, there is a disparity in the type of suit design that would appropriate for each occasion. For instance, a suit for a wedding should be somewhat different from that worn during a job interview. That said, here are some events that require a fitting suit.

During a job interview

When going for a job interview, you need to create a lasting impression to your potential bosses. TaSdASDszdche best way to make your presence felt is by having a nice suit and a tie. Though some employers might not be so concerned about your dress code, wearing a suit can be a good way of playing safe. To be specific, a navy suit can be most appropriate, as it is associated with professionalism, maturity, and dedication.

When meeting your employers to discuss a promotion

If you are a banker, you might be forced to have a suit on every working day. However, a salesman might not be overly concerned about wearing a suit. Having a suit can place you at an advantage when you bosses require you to discuss an issue like a promotion or a pay rise. A suit shows you are interested, which improves your bargaining power further. You can add a dark green tie as it connotes growth and money.


Unless you are guided to dress otherwise, it advisable to attend a wedding in a suit. Only low-key weddings are themed by casual outfits. However, if you are attending a traditional marriage ceremony, go in a suit and preferably a three piece suit.


Wearing a fitting suit is a good way to give your loved their last respect. In most instances, a black and beautiful suit can be appropriate for a wedding. However, this also depends on the family as some families might request brighter shades as their way of honoring the deceased.

When presenting a speech

Another occasion to wear a suit is in an event you are expected to share something as an important guest. Having a suit helps you build some rapport and position yourself as an authority figure. If you align yourself with your objectives by dressing appropriately, your audience will automatically see you as someone with listening too.

Tips To Choosing The Best Teeth Whitening Pens

With the advancement of age and use of some drinks like coffee, your teeth are likely to have some undesirable color. The good thing is that there is always a way out of such situations. One of it is that of making use of teeth whitening pen. Teeth whitening pen has been used in the past and has been confirmed to be very effective. You, however, need to make sure that you choose the right one since not all that are capable of giving you that perfect services. To learn more about teeth whitening pen, you need to keep reading this article.

Popular brands

There are some teeth whitening brands that can give you white teeth within the first ten days that you start making use of them. Understanding some of the top and the most important brands is important as far as teeth whitening is concerned. Always remember to check the reviews when you go to buy these products. Brands that are more popular are likely to be the best since people cannot praise something that is not good. Here is a list of the most popular brands that you need to know.

  • The miracle white
  • Brite smile to go
  • Rembrandt whitening pen
  • Shine whitening pens
  • Liquid Smile professional teeth pen

Benefits of teeth whitening pens

Once you find the right teeth whitening pen, you can be sure that you will enjoy the experiencing of using them. This teeth whitening product is convenient for various reasons. Some of these reasons are discussed below.

Easy to use

Teeth whitening pens are extremely easy to use. There are only three simple steps that are involved in the entire process of making your teeth white and smile. You need to make sure that you brush your teeth thoroughly before making use of them. This is important as it ensures that the hydrogen peroxide or the carbamide can work properly. After brushing your teeth properly, the next step to is to ensure that the gel that is used for whitening does not leak out.


Another good thing with using teeth whitening pens is that they are cheap and affordable and yet they are very effective. They are usually sold in packs, and this, therefore, means that you will need not have to order then on a monthly basis. You also need to remember with these products, within a few months, you would have achieved your desire as far as teeth whitening is concerned. For information, check out whitening pen reviews.


Tips For Finding The Best Motorcycle Outfits

When you are going on a ride, it is essential to be safe. Part of being safe is your skill on the motorcycle, but one of the most overlooked aspects of safety is your clothing. All too often riders get on their bikes without wearing so much as a helmet. Since safety is often disregarded here are some tips to help you with your riding wardrobe. It is best to try your gear on in person when purchasing so have a feel and be sure to buy the correct fitting.

Best Motorcycle Outfits

Wear Boots

When riding on the motorbike one often travels at speeds that can be extremely harmful to the feet should one need to stop quickly. Having boots that kjjkvkjkjjvjvjvcare at least ankle high and made from sturdy leather with a thick sole will save your feet and ankles considerable damage. Sneakers can fly off in an accident or when feet have been put down in a panic. Such an action can cause some injuries that can be subdued when one has good quality boots on.

Wear Long Pants

Ideally, one should wear leather chaps when out riding. Nowadays these are made with breathable material or are sewn with vents, so a person does not overheat. Plus, they are made with style in mind. Kevlar jeans look just like regular blue jeans, but they are reinforced in critical areas and are flame resistant.

Wear A Leather Jacket

When out on the bike it is tempting just to feel the wind on your chest and wear a T-shirt. This is not a scenario you would want to be in. It is advisable to wear a well-fitting leather jacket. Leather jackets are iconic, and one can never go wrong when wearing for they are always stylish. Pick one that fits snugly but is not terribly tight, so your skin does not get exposed in the event of an accident.

Wear A Helmet

kjjcjcjvjvj vjThe helmet one of the most important piece of gear you can have. Some people may think it is unfashionable, but it is critical to protecting your head and face. Helmets come in all kinds of styles, and your local shop can help you find the perfect fit.

By following these tips, one is sure to put together an outfit that both looks great and fits well to protect you in the case of an accident. It is often best not to purchase outfits as a complete suit but rather as individual pieces of a collection. Ensure to get a proper fit and something that fits your style.


Various Occasions To Wear A Kebaya Dress

The highly rated kebaya dress is common traditional clothing in Southeast Asian such as Indonesia and Malaysia. This dress combines an embroidered blouse worn with a batik sarong. A long stretch of cloth called a selendang might be draped over the shoulder to complete the looks of a kebaya modern fashioned dress. Here are the top occasions to wear a kebaya dress.

Occasions to wear a kebaya dress

Wedding Events

Women going to wedding occasions are in dfgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgIndonesia, and some Southeast Asian
countries are required to dress in colorful kebaya dresses as part of the rich culture and tradition in the region.

It is very rare to find a wedding event in Indonesia that is not dominated with women wearing kebaya dresses. In some instances where traditions are strictly followed, the bride is required to wear a kebaya dress to make the event more cultural and local.

Religious Festivals

Religious festivals such as Ramadan for Muslims and Nirvana for Buddhists are always donned with women in colorful kebaya outfits. When the festival restricts women to show hair, a long stretch of cloth known as selendang is usually worn with a kebaya dress to be used as a head shawl. Women use the piece of cloth to hide their hair during religious festivals such as Ramadan. The head scarf should match with the kebaya to look decent for a religious festival.

Traditional Ceremonies

Southeast Asian countries are rich in traditional festivals such as the Galungan where women don the kebaya dress for most of the day when celebrating the events. It is very common to meet thousands of women all wearing kebaya dresses of the same color walking down a busy Indonesian street to celebrate the traditional Galungan ceremony.

Graduations and other Modern Formal Ceremonies

dfgdfgdfgdfgfdgThe kebaya dress is quickly becoming an established dressing code for female graduates looking for decent attire that is not too casual. Graduation ceremonies across major universities in Southeast Asia are usually flocked with women dressed in bright kebaya attires.

Other formal occasions such as diplomatic ceremonies also provide an opportunity to dress in your favorite kebaya dress.


Lastly, a kebaya dress can be worn even when there is no significant festival or occasion to attend. When you walk down a busy street in the Indonesian cities of Java or Bali, you will meet thousands of women clad in beautiful kebaya dresses like an ordinary dressing outfit. You can, however, pick a customized kebaya dress if you have a special traditional, religious or formal ceremony that you need to attend.


Simple guide on how to get affordable epilators

Epilation is a very popular method of hair removal. However, there is confusion about the name epilators. Epilators always used to mean epilators however nowadays epilators refers to hair removal machines that are very accessible in stores and online. These are now all classified under the common name epilator.

It is very important for the consumer to understand the difference between epilation as a short term hair removal solution. Epilation nowadays is referred to as the method that removes hair non-permanently in unwanted areas of the body.

These machines are small electrical appliances which have heads made of interlocking coiled wire which as it whizzes around grasps the hair and rips it from the follicle.

This is only a temporary method of hair removal and the hair quickly grows again so whilst it does offer a solution to unwanted hair it also has some downsides as this method is not a permanent hair removal process, and therefore the consumer has to do it repetitively in the space of a month without diminishing the number of hairs.

222kjhThe hair would be constantly growing back once removed after a short period. Other downsides of using this type of ‘epilator’ is that red bumps and ingrowing hairs may appear, the hair is often broken off and therefore not removed from the root, and there is an argument that by forcibly ripping the hair from the follicle actually stimulates hair growth.

The hair removal machine, which can deliver this is called an epilator and is used for treating all skin and hair types without leaving any permanent marks or having any adverse effects on the skin when performed by a qualified and skilled practitioner.

This is because permanent hair removal is performed using radio frequency and sometimes a direct current delivered directly to the root of the hair using a small thin needle which is inserted into the hair follicle and cuts off the supply of nourishment to the hair, therefore eradicating it permanently.

The epilators are markedly different from the temporary home use nonpermanent hair removal ‘epilators.’ Thermolysis (also known as Diathermy), Galvanic and Blend (which combines the Thermolysis and Galvanic).

333iuyPractitioners use the SX-B blend epilator for a variety of treatments and procedures from permanent hair removal to advanced cosmetic procedures, which target 20+skin conditions.
To be able to use permanent hair removal epilators, official training and qualification is required. Check out the Cute Hair Day epilator reviews.


Top Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Care Products

When it comes to skin care products, both men and women are affected. It is no longer an issue of ladies. Therefore, everyone needs to be careful about the products they choose to use to avoid skin complications that can develop. It is advisable to buy products that have used as natural ingredients as much as possible. For more details of such products, visit the NossaNatura website where there is a great variety at fair prices. Below tips are also helpful when it comes to selecting such products.

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Skin Care Product

Buy from reputable shops

Whether the choice is to buy from asfsdfsdfdfsdsfdphysical town shops like malls or the web shops, choose only those that are reputable. Such shops do stock genuine products with clear descriptions and fair prices. It is worth to remember that nothing original comes cheaply and therefore appreciate the price tag. The value is greater than one can imagine.

The habit of reading labels

Is your skin allergic to something? Skin allergy reactions can leave irritating results. However getting into the habit of reading product labels can save such unfortunate occurrences. Most skin care products indicate clearly all the ingredients that make it. For a healthier skin, it is recommended to pick creams and lotions with vitamins supplements. A keen shopper will not forget to confirm if the pH is balanced.

Understand your skin type

Oily and dry skins have different products. Manufacturers try and cater for each of the two skin types using the best ingredients possible. Almost all cosmetic and skin care products will indicate one of these two categories. Products for dry skins will tend to have moisturizing quality and glycerin to ensure that the skin stays moist. On the other hand, their counterparts will tend to be opposite. Sensitive skins will also have their range of products.

Natural ingredients

dgdfgdfgfdgdfgMost cosmetic products made from natural ingredients have approval from various relevant bodies as safe for human use. They are the best, as they bear little side effects if any.

People who have used such products for a long time have healthier skins. However, the price might be a bit too high but worth at the end of the day.


Care while shopping for such products is of ultimate importance and more so when switching to new products. Do not be hasty pick and try. The skin is not a test sample, and any mistake can have adverse results.


What to consider when buying wedding bands

After your bug day, your wedding band will be one of the main reminders of that beautiful day, what you shared tighter in the past, and what your future is going to be. Therefore, you must choose your perfect wedding band carefully according to some considerations, which are the following.

Try narrowing down your choices for wedding bandmkxnkvnksdnvkkndsvksdvnksdvnksdvnksdnvsdvsdvsdv

Since the marriage band is one of the few jewelry pieces, if not the only one; that you’re going to shop for with your partner; choosing them together, and wearing them every day of your marriage, you have to be smart enough to make a list or your preliminary choices before going to the jewelry shop. Even better, check wedding bands grand rapids for a well sorted list. Do an early research for the metals, shapes, gems used and durability before deciding the band.

The strength of the gems and the metal used

Before buying any wedding band, you should consider the strength of the metal and gems used. Sapphires and diamonds are the most popular choices among women, as they are very durable and have a breathtaking shape. Precious stones like opal or peridot usually wear and tear faster than other gems, so they might not be the best choice for the lifetime wedding band.

Choosing the same or a consistent metal

Women usually wear their wedding rings and their wedding band on the same finger, so, in this case, they both must be made of the same metal. Metals usually behave differently over the time, as less durable metal tends to scratch over the time and wear quicker. So you must stick to the same metal and the same color if you’re going to wear the ring and the band on the same finger.

Keep you tradition, culture, and lifestyle in your mind

The whole point of choosing the perfect wedding band is to feel comfortable with, so what is the point of buying a pretty expensive band when it doesn’t match your style, and you don’t feel comfortable with?

You’re going to wear your band every day, so choose something that will become a non-separable part of your life. You should choose something fits your lifestyle, so if you play sports try the rounded edged band. If you use your hand a lot in work, try searching for something simple with a durable metal.


FAQs When Buying Body Creams and Gels

The power of any skin body creams and gels is dependent on the type of skin you have. Certainly, you have heard of the basic types: normal, dry, oily and sensitive. However, combination skin types also exist, as well as skin conditions for which specific skin products are designed.

Some FAQs when buying body creams and gels

What is your skin type?

It should start by determining all possible factors that can mask or affect your skin’s true type, such as environmental factors (climate and prolonged sun exposure), and lifestyle habits like smoking and bathing regimen. Then, wash your face with a gentle but potent soap or facial wash, and see how your skin reacts after two hours.


What is your right body cream?

Product usage depends on your skin type. Thicker, emollient-rich solutions such as body lotion and creams are best suited for dry skin, particularly during cold and dry months. Oily skin could best benefit from lighter gels and liquids, while normal and combination types require thin serums and lotions that can hydrate dry areas without overloading oily portions with an excessive emollient.

Is the cream natural or inorganic?

All-natural and organic products are excellent options as they don’t contain harsh synthetic ingredients that result in skin damage and allergies. Avoid products that contain dyes, parabens, phthalates, or artificial fragrances. Those that contain organic fragrance like rose and lavender and moisturizers like aloe vera and avocado oil can safely moisturize your skin. Utilizing rejuvenating body lotions and creams are a wonderful way of keeping your skin revitalized and protected against contaminants and UV rays

What are your pre-existing Skin Conditions?

If you have stretch marks, natural compounds like shea butter and cocoa can help hydrate the skin and improve tone. For hypersensitive types, choose body creams that contain gentle moisturizers like aloe vera and chamomile. These contain anti-inflammatory and calming properties that help soothe redness and irritation. It is only thus wise to carefully select the right one suited to your skin’s individual requirements


Did the Product come with Sample Kit?

One of the most common mistakes many skin product users make is buying in bulk without testing the product first. Hypersensitivity reactions are common especially in body lotion and creams that are made with fillers and artificial components. If a company doesn’t offer samples, at least choose one that provides a refund in case their products do not match your skin.


Reasons To Choose Professional Photography

You are planning your event be it a graduation, anniversary, festival or business launch. You have reached the place where you need to hire a photographer. Would you go for a professional photographer who will capture photography photo? Why would one opt to have a professional photographer rather than an amateur? Here are the reason why you need to choose a professional photography.

Reason For A Professional Photographer

Professionalism, Planning, And Detailedkkslksllsslslslsalsslsl

Professional photographers endeavor to offer services of top quality. They aim to deliver high standard work. They take the time to meet, discuss, listen and hear their clients needs and plan with them to be able to achieve the desired vision. Excellence is their motto, and this is what they endeavor to accomplish.

Experience, Skilled And Trained

A professional photographer is well trained and qualified in the art of photography. They have received formal training on how to take captivating photos that will have lasting memories. They are knowledgeable on types of cameras, lenses and lighting effects that are required to be used to accomplish this tasks. Furthermore, they have experience and expertise to produce photographs that are captivating. They are well mastered and skillful in the field of photography.

Photography Equipment

Professional photographers have the right gear to use to capture the moments. Some of this equipment include high-quality cameras, high definition lenses, lighting gear to a well-equipped studio with varied background. All this are tools that are essential to capturing magical moments.

Creativity, Variety, And Style

The professional photography can bring to reality the clients vision. They are artistic and able to bring a variety of poses, lighting and photo angle taking to transform a beautiful photo into a work of art. They can bring personality to the photographs. They can create photos that are unique to the personalities of the individuals or events.


Due to the exposure and experience, professional photography is well equipped
with soft skills to handle and problem solve any situation that may arise. They are able to guide individualskzksksksskskskssksss through the photo session to get the best poses. Likewise, they come with personnel who are assistants to ensure no moment is missed out. They also pack extra gear just in case of any eventualities.

Professional photographers have the ability to create a story through the images they take. Client satisfaction is their goal. That is why it is highly recommended to contract the services of a professional photographer for your next occasion.


Benefits Of Having Long Hair

Good hairstyles have an appealing and natural style factor that has made them very popular. With usual care and washing, the long hair is still simple to maintain while giving much more choices about hairstyles to suit the challenging formal or casual occasion. Below are pros of having long hair:


It does not require a daily wash and less expected to get very oily opposed to short hair. Even if the natural oils are still noticed by those that leave their hair to grow, it is less noticeable over a period, which makes it reasonable to wash twice or thrice per week.


Long hair is flexible and provides the chance to try many various styles to suit thedfgvfgfvf occasion. While it might take more time to style the hair, the extra work needed to manage and style the hair is certain to pay off in the end. Some styles like the braids can look good on those with long hair, and you get a much more excellent opportunity to experiment (tie it in a stylish bun, or curl it, leave it loose,  perm it ) to know which style matches your personality and the shape of your face.

Face Shape

Long hair can fit practically any face shape and can comfortably cover flaws. It seems great with a heart-shaped face while helpful for covering the hard edges of angular or square face to produce a rounder appearance. Additionally, it is essential for providing a longer and leaner look to the round race. A great haircut is also capable of covering blemishes or marks on the face if styled in a very favorable way.


gvcgvgrLetting your hair to grow is perfect for the cold winter weather since it is helpful for keeping the scalp and shoulders warm. By letting the hair down, it can act much like a scarf to keep you protected and warm against the cold wind of winter. The hair can simply be tied up into a stylish bun or sporty ponytail during the warmer months of the year.


Leaving the hair to get long means less costly trips to the salon. A preferred schedule for making the hair is usually in the region of every two or three months.


Long hair is easily styled or brightened with a diversity of different fashionable items. Some of the very popular options include headbands, chopsticks, headgear, rubber bands, and hair clips.


Tips To Take Into Consideration When Buying A Bag

Bags come in a vast variety, and before picking the most suitable one for your wants, you must think about the choices. You will like to take a brand you can trust its quality apart from getting a bag that will serve all your requirements. You will end up with the perfect bag if you take your time to check all factors that matter.


Bags come in various sizes to match varying needs. If for instance, you are tedfetfepurchasing a school bag for your kid, you should choose a size that is big and cumbersome if they are young. The size of the bag should be in line with things that are projected to be carried in it. For example, if you are looking for a swimming bag, think about the stuff you will have to take every time you go swimming and then choose a size that is just perfect. But if you are looking for a traveling bag, you should take a sizable one that will fit all items you want for the trip.


What is the bag meant for? Is it a travel bag or are you looking for a school bag? A bag can also be created for sports, or it could be just a handbag. Think of the kind of bag you are looking for, so you can match the use with every other feature that makes the bag. Knowing the function can help you select the best quality and the size of the bag.

Carrying Options

A bag should be made in a way that it is easy to take. A large sized bag should have features such as durable straps or even wheels, so you have an easy time moving it or pulling it along when it’s full. If you select a backpack, then guarantee that every feature is designed so as to provide you with the most comfortable back fit. There should always be an excellent carrying option for you depending on how heavy it is and the contents. Check them out so you do not buy a bag that you can simply carry with the assistance of another person when it is full.


gdvgvgYou should also consider other aspects like waterproofing abilities apart from durability. You should not have any worries when carrying your bag in rainy situations, and this means choosing a material that stores your valuables dry and in an excellent condition for that matter. The material utilized on the bag can determine its quality and weight. It is always good to select a bag that can attend your needs for a long time.