Apply Foundation

Even the youngest skin requires coverage for protection and priming. There are many natural beauty tips for face, whereby one of them is applying base powder. An individual can apply foundation by themselves at the convenience of your home, all you need to do is get the foundation ingredient that is the arrowroot powder then some extra ingredients of your preference like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa powder. Add jojoba oil to get a more compact after mixture. It is one of the excellent beauty ideas for teenage girls

Homemade Blush And Bronzer

The components for your ideal bronzer and blush are quite related to foundation powder. You just have to mix more cocoa or cinnamon powder to get a deeper shade. To have that pink glow it is advisable to add a pink mica powder further and keep on modifying till you get the best color for your skin color. It is in one of the simple beauty tips that you would appreciate for your face.

Homemade Eyeliner

We all acknowledge that the desire for eyeliners is does not have an age limit. The young age group is also fascinated with this looks that’s why it’s great to have a healthier and safer and makeup tips for an eyeliner product. You will require coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and the useful cocoa powder to create your eyeliner at home. In an airtight container mix all together and store in a cool and dry place.

Go, Organic With, The Colors

Do you know there are domestic eyeshadow simple beauty tips for your face makeup tips that you can do it by yourself ? Take some small amount of arrowroot powder and apply it as a base before adding other ingredients for a different color. For an orange color, add a combination of saffron and beetroot juice; you may add spirulina for greens. You can also add on cocoa powder for blacks and browns and micas for pink and peach shades.

Go Simple For Lips

Teenage girls would prefer make-up tips on lipsticks. More so if it’s naturally made. The following are some ingredients that can help you go organic with your lipstick; beeswax, cocoa butter for your base and coconut oil. Use cinnamon for browns, beetroot powder for reds, and bentonite clay for matte if you need to add more color. These tips can help you make natural and safe homemade beauty for your face.